“I think this is my first review on help ever, but I needed to do this so other people can enjoy an honest, fun and informative experience looking for their home. I truly enjoyed working with Traci, she is caring and persistence. she will go out of her ways to get you the information you need to make the biggest decision of your life. I was usually busy during the day so she actually drove to the open houses and units and sent me videos. and gave me honest feedback about the place. never felt pushed into a deal and she was very undrestanding of what I’m really looking for. Overall I had fun working with her and was confidence when I closed the deal on my home.”  – Kiarash E.


“Without a doubt, Traci Loftis is one of the best real estate agents in the Bay Area! She is a true professional, with great attention to detail. And she has a team that works just as hard as she does.

Traci had a comprehensive plan detailing the process of selling our home.

She had recommendations on renovations that would add value to our home then provided us with a general contractor to do the work.

She had a “pre-launch” period, driving up interest in our house by giving early notice to interested buyers via social networking sites. Traci also canvassed the neighborhood meeting our neighbors, handing out flyers and postcards giving it more visibility.

She had a focused and rigorous Open House schedule that saw over 100 people the first day.

And to make the experience even easier to get through, she makes herself accessible to all of your questions. She was fast and responsive during the negotiation and escrow period. alleviating any anxiety you may have during the sale.

With her, we were able to sell our home in less than two weeks, and well above our asking price.

Thank you, Traci!”          – Jeneya D.

“Traci worked extremely hard to sell my property.
She is an honest, hardworking professional who truly cares about her clients.
Traci did everything she said she would do in a timely and professional manner.
I would not hesitate to use Traci again for any real estate transaction.”     -hawver5

“Traci is an amazing person who knows what she is doing. She is very helpful. She works hard and is very easy to keep in contact with. I would recommend her to my own mother. Keep up the good work Traci!”